Holmes Moment

Methodological naturalism states that when considering the causes of things only natural laws and principles should be reviewed.  Experimentation has yet to produce compelling evidence that things traditionally called psi or ESP exist and most claimed cases have pedestrian causes like fraud or experimental errors.  I do, on the other hand, think it’s perfectly reasonable that sometimes we put together bits of data and come to correct, almost oracular, conclusions but this is usually a case of remembering the hits and not giving our brains enough credit for its deductive powers.

Today, a coworker indicated that they needed to see someone in marketing and I blurted out “she’s gone”, a claim for which I had no apparent data and  he looked at me quizzically after he returned and relayed that the person in question had indeed either been fired or relocated.  She’s not someone with which I regularly interact and I’d go so far as to say I can’t even name anyone in her department besides her.  This revelation had me off my game until about 2 PM when I had my 3rd can of Pepsi Max for the day and learned what I think was the source of my Delphic moment:  The fridge seemed to be more luminous.  The yogurt lady was the missing person in question, and her yogurt was gone.