Pyrrhic Sock Victory

A recent weight victory has been the ability to use Boy Scout knee socks again.  Previously, they got stuck on my calf and just fell down, now they come within an inch or so of my knee and I was keen to show this off.  The socks went on, I donned my Scout uniform, and went to camp for a day of sock showcasing and photography.  The heavy cotton/poly blend protected me from grass, mud, and thorn bushes as I captured toasty pics and it was awesome… until about 10 AM.  Heavy cotton/poly socks are heavy socks and my shoes quickly saturated with my own sweat.  My legs got quite hot so I rolled the socks down which looked ridiculous as I had two pounds of sock around my ankle.  Never again, or at least until September.

Life Lesson: Just because you can wear knee socks doesn’t mean you should.