Borrowed Weights

Housemate’s Girlfriend:  Terry, do you have any weights under 10 lbs, like 3 or 5 lb?
Me: Hm…. if you take the weights off the free weights in my room the handles are 5 lbs or 4 without the nut on them.
Housemate’s Girlfriend: Great, can I use them?
Me: For what?
Housemate’s Girlfriend: Forever.
Me: Um…. no, I use them three days a week.
Housemate’s Girlfriend: Oh, you actually use.  I just.  Wow.  Sorry.
Me: I’m thinking of switching to something with a nicer handles if you…
Housemate’s Girlfriend:  No thank you, I’m just going to walk away now.
Me: Your hair looks nice.
Housemate’s Girlfriend: Thank you.

I’ve found a hair compliment functions like sherbet and can erase the taste of bad conversation in your mouth.