Trailer Justice

Today and tomorrow were blocked off to help someone move and the person moving requested I bring the family landscape trailer. The trailer is large enough to hold a truck, as moving offroad vehicles was its original use. The trailer can move 8 canoes at once and largely contain the entirety of a 20-something’s life as it had previously done when moving another friend and later my brother. It’d been a few years since I’d driven the trailer and truck and I didn’t remember such facts as “thing takes up 6 parking spots” and that the plate should read “CURBSLYR” for the grace with which it makes right turns.  When I arrived at the apartment complex there were sets of four spots open but no 5-ers, the closest to the building being blocked off by a Prius… gha…. Prius.  The parking process was aided by two African American fellows that were very helpful in parking and unhooking with commands like “Ok,  swing that shit ’round” and “c’mon, haul it back.”

The packing was easy as the person who needed assistant did a keen job of pre-packing so the first trial of the day was enduring the heat. The second trial was not having brought enough to drink and making a Pepsi Max run to Wal-mart at around 10 PM. I think after a day of moving, I was adequately dressed to blend in to a late night Maryland big box retailer:

I did not wear the duckface/peace sign for the trip to Wal-mart.

I think the double shorts were what sealed the deal.