Shoelace SEO

Some people are rough on cars, other go through toothbrushes at a high rate, I destroy shoelaces.  With the exception of a pair of Italian bootlaces that grace my dress steel toes, I have consistently broken the laces on my main shoes at least once every six months since I was eighteen.  The root cause is my lacing technique where the laces over the stem of the tongue are tightened by the laces being pulled perpendicular to the axis of the eyelet rather than parallel causing undo strain, but just getting nice laces seemed a good alternative to retraining myself how to tighten my laces.

Amazon and Ebay held nothing of interest around queries like “strong shoe laces” “bullet proof laces” and “mil-spec laces” so I just googled “really strong shoe laces” and found, a store run by a fellow that takes his laces seriously.  After looking at their offerings, I opted for their Dura-Force laces which can apparently be used to garrotte a rhinoceros.

Minutes later I received an email of “Thanks dude, how’d you hear about us?”.  I replied with “Google”.  He replied with “Nice. :)”

Even in the world of shoelace sales, there is googlejuice.