Plane Friends

Getting to Philadelphia International Airport in time for a departing flight was somewhat tense but alll was right one boarded.  A goodly portion of the plane was occupied by “Team <something>”, a gaggle of people from presumably the same clan who occupied the three rows in front and behind us and who always said “Cancun” with slow excitement.  One of these team members was the 3rd in the row of myself and my traveling partner and he seemed terribly curious with whatever we did and somewhat aped it.  While reviewing the few pictures from the day, he was looking at the LCD screen of my camera.  When my traveling partner played with her hair, he played with his.  This was cute at first until my companion fell asleep on my shoulder.  The kid started leaning in to mirror this but kindly stopped when I said “No” accompanied with a “this will be the last plane you ever ride on should your head land on my shoulder” glare.