Accidental Recovery

I’ve been out of the state each weekend for the past four and felt that was catching up to me.  My average sleep time over the past three weeks dipped below 6.5 hours where I normally average 7.8 and prefer 8.5.  I was going to sleep in on Saturday before going to the shore but first I had to put in a long day at work to take care of some things so the next week would be reasonable.  Instead, I slept for 14 hours.  I’ve slept this long and indeed longer in the past but usually tied to illness and now I had the added bonus of my fitbit which tracks my sleep.  Here was the timeline so sayeth the sleepgraph:

6:30 AM – first wake-up.
6:39 AM to 8:07 AM – Every 9 minutes to hit the snooze button
8:10 AM – I either hit the alarm in such a way as to turn off the alarm or my clock gave up.
8:50 AM – I have an active period that I think is me using the bathroom.
1:04 PM – Receive phone call, decide to get up.  Fail to get up.
3:22 PM – I actually wake up.  But this is preceded by what appeared to be very placid sleep.

Thank you, fitbit.