Max at the Beach

Max and I were invited by a friend to spend a weekend in Ventnor City and Max was initially quite excited to be in my car.  Max very much seems to enjoy going to new places and then pooping at them followed by going home.  He grinned through sliding over the plastic backs of my seats and being stopped on the AC expressway.

On arrival, Max leaped from the car, peed on a neighbor’s flowers and seemed very happy with himself.  He was excited to enter a new house until he found out there were other dogs there and his interest faded quickly.  Moose and Duke were the two dogs already present and between them they clock in at less than a 1/3 of Max’s weight.  Max was unconcerned with this calculus and chose to avoid them or at least tried in one case simply walking through a screen door to make his egress from their company.

As the day wore on, Max encountered some difficulties with the more complicated aspects of where he could and could not pee.  At home, his world is simple.  Thou shalt not pee inside, all other places whether they be the driveway, lawn, forest, flower bed, or vehicle tire are fair game and he was confused by the idea of a porch which was both outside and a place where he shouldn’t pee.  This confusion got to him and he eventually peed outside… on the porch… on my foot… and then other people’s feet… a total of four times.

The final act of the canine comedy of manners involved one of the dogs taking a tiny tinkle inside, followed by Max taking a larger tinkle over that tiny tinkle, followed by another dog remarking that spot, followed by Max proving his herd supremacy and simply flooding the carpet in that area.  I can now recite the directions on how to use Woolite PetSmart Stain release without looking at the bottle.