Wawa Hostage Negotiation

A night’s rest was replaced with what only felt like a long nap so I went into work at 3 AM feeling a bit peckish.  I stopped for a sandwich on the way and chose the simple divinity of the 6″ meatball sandwich which was under the auspices of Wawa’s Hoagiefest promotion.  On checkout, the price was incorrect:

Me: I don’t think this is the right rate for this sandwich.  The signage says $3.49, this says $4.25.
Cashier: Hm… I don’t know, let me ask my manager. *asks manager*
Manager: Ok, sir.  Just stay with us and we’ll fix it. *stares at receipt*  It’s tax.  It’s a prepared food, there’s tax.  It’s tax.
Me: That doesn’t make sense, that’d imply that New Jersey had a 25% tax [I goofed, 21%] on food.
Manager: Sir, please stay calm.  I’m just trying to think.  The promotions change on Thursdays, maybe it’s no longer covered and we have to take the sign down.
Me: Well, the sandwich is actually covered by both the expiring and newly incoming deal, so that doesn’t make sense.  Can you give me a soft pretzel and we’ll call it square?
Manager: We don’t want to do anything rash like that.  We’ll reverse the charge, manually plug in the cost, and you’ll get your 75 cents.  Stupid technology, always slowing things down.
Me: I’d say on balance, technology is pretty awesome.
Manager: *narrows eyes* You wouldn’t remember.

How do these people escape into public and why is it that I seem to find all of them?