Cable Hipster

I take building a new desktop computer as something to be done with care.  My builds are usually targeted at a performance sweet spot a standard deviation between “budget” and “performance” with one or two considerations for something I really want which then becomes incorporated into future builds as my new standard e.g. once I started using SSDs all my future computers used them.  I looked over my options this time and found no cases where spending an extra $50 would get me a performance bump so I finally dealt with an air-flow hobgoblin, annoyingly long SATA cables.  The cable goes from the motherboard to the hard drive located a few inches away, and unless you’re building a computer inside a grandfather clock or antique armoire on has no need for the standard 18″ or even 24″ cables.  So I purchased 2 6″ and 2 10″ cables in the vague hope that I could have the following conversation:

Person: Wow, those cables are appropriately lengthed.  Did you make them yourself?
Me: No, I got them a little custom SATA cable boutique I like.
Person: You’re clearly a better person than me.

I could also refer to them artisan cables or small batch cables. That alone is worth the 400% price premium for less cable.