Miscalibrated Jerkdom

All day I was laboring under a device specialist who came to repair one of our larger devices and have been met with nothing but curt snideness.  This afternoon, that snapped:

Him: Why can’t you find me the appropriate fitting?
Me: Because I have no idea what it looks like.
Him: And to think, you have a degree in mechanical engineering.
Me: Woah, I have a degree in Actuarial science. He, *points to boss’s office* is the guy with the useful degree.
Him: So what’s your expertise?
Me: Statistics.
Him: Surely you were trained in this device, though?
Me: Not a lick, figured it out via brute force and from the test method used to validate it.
Him: Looks like I’ve been a jerk to you all day.  I’m sorry.

Things don’t normally resolve themselves that nicely.  I could get used to this.