Closing the Gap

After the clarity gained earlier this week, the rest of my time working with the device specialist proved enjoyable.  I learned a lot about device operations and found out he liked photography.  So after lunch on the last day of his visit, I showed him my office where I have some 15 large prints up on the wall.

Him: Did you take these yourself?
Me: Yeah.
Him: And it looks like you don’t much like 8 x 10s.
Me: Nope.  8x10s are nice for something to put on a desk, but 11×14 is where you start showing you give a damn.
Him: Larger than 8×10, I guess I had never thought of getting anything bigger than could be done at Walgreens.
Me: I mostly do super B 13 x 19s.
Him: I have pictures that I could print.  Then I could put them on the wall of my office. *pause* Terry, you have inspired me.
Me:  Thank you.

The Texas accent is what sold his last line.