Crappy Secret Keeper

This morning was again spent installing patches on client computers, and at the last stop of the morning the user told me I could have the candy the firm had provided for Halloween.  I declined politely, but as the install dragged on I started picking at it until all that was left was a Twizzler.  Later that day, I was in my office while a meeting went on nearby.

Coworker #1: What did you think of the candy they gave us?
Client from Earlier: I wouldn’t know. Someone ate all my candy.
Coworker #1: All of it?
Client from Earlier: Except my Twizzler.
Coworker #1: Who took it?
Client From Earlier: I don’t feel comfortable saying.
Coworker #1: What were their initials?
Client From Earlier: Terry Robinson.

And with that a name was dropped from my “I brought in a baked good” mailing list.