Mark of Approval

I had two event tickets to get rid of so I gave stubhub a try as a way to sell them.  Both sold within 48 hours of posting and I was off to the FedEx Kinko’s store to send them.

Me: Do you have envelopes that accept non-adhesive labels?
Kinko’s Guy: Yeah, go to the mailing station over there, it’s blueeeeee (he held onto the “o” noise for a few seconds).  There will be the bad ass little envelopes with a clear window on them.
Me: Thanks.
Kinko’s Guy: I can show youuuuu if you get lost.
Me: I’ll be fine, I think.  *walks to station, gets envelope, inserts label* I’d like to send this.
Kinko’s Guy: Sweeeeeeeet. *holds envelope in front of him*

I wish I could bring this stoned vigor to my workplace.