My Winter Party: A Party

Part of me approaches adulthood as an anthropologist where I feel compelled to explore and understand alien rituals.  In this case, the ritual is the post-college party and it is alien because it involves the trappings of adulthood which I view with skepticism.  There is a power to making something your own and I intended to make this party my own with a reasonably diverse menu and a reasonably diverse guest list.    24 people attended and I’m glad everyone seemed to find a place to sit when they need to.  I prepared a goodly collection of foods for the evening but my guests brought more and the serving areas quickly ran out of table space, what I consider a happy problem.

I was initially worried that we’d not have anything to do but that stopped being a concern when I heard shouts of cheer from the rec room.  My guests had created a drinking game out of putting a Roomba on a pool table.  Hazaa for geeks.  Later, the large group broke up into clusters in the dining room, kitchen, and rec room while Whit, Joe, and Pat held court in the Living room.

I can think of no other way to phrase it except to say that for the first time in a while I was content when I expected to only be satisfied.  A thank you to my guests who made entertaining much easier than I thought it’d be.