A Winter Party: A Party: The Aftermath

Total attendance: 25 including host
Food prepared: 63 lbs
Food remaining: 26 lbs
Food consumed per guest: 1.5 lbs
Hot Appetizers Remaining: 0
Deviled Eggs Remaining: 0
Artisan Cheese Remaining: 0
Fondue Remaining: Almost all of it.  I f-ed up my first fondue :-(

Drinks Purchased or Prepared: 12 gallons
Drinks Remaining: 5 gallons
Drinks consumed per guest: 1.12 quarts
Wassail Remaining: 0
Diet Mountain Dew Remaining: 0

Cost per head: About $22.

There was a ridiculous amount of food but there was also a ridiculous amount of consumption.  The items least touched where the macaroni salad and my fondue.

For next time:
Coordinate guest dishes better
Bring out entree earlier, everyone was full by the time the pork loin and chicken were done
Be more selective in what dishes go in the chaffing dishes

Target Cost Per Head: $17.00

Hours of Preparatory House Cleaning: 30 + clean-up and setup help from guests.
Estimated Seating Capacity of House: 32 unless I get more chairs.

I think I may try again in the Spring if I can find a suitable excuse.