Office Feast

I warned my coworkers that any extra food from my party would be brought into work today.  After five trips from my car, these leftovers made it to our break room.  People seemed happy at the choice offered between cake, cookies, truffles, crackers and cheeses, and chips but the biggest star were the meatballs.  I brought in about four and a half pounds of meatballs and the first meatball sandwich was consumed at around 7:30 AM with the crock pot still cold.  The last meatball was consumed a little bit after 10.  I never considered a meatball sandwich a breakfast food but obviously other more avant garde stomachs had.  I brought this up to boss who had an idea on reflection:

Boss: Meatballs are essentially tiny meatloaves.  Meatloaf is one of the kings of comfort food.  Mondays are stressful and people want release from that and latch to things that most seem like comfort food.

I like that explanation even though I’m pretty sure it’s utter malarkey.