Late Penalty

Few people were in on the Friday before Christmas.  The only person besides myself in my area was my CAD boss who took this chance to play music through his computer speakers, loudly.  I can normally deal with music in a work area as I’ll either play my own or deal with it but the combination of bad sythesizer and the tinny sound of computer speakers cut through the sound coming out of my own headphones.  His play list seemed to be bad Emerson, Lake & Palmer covers and movie soundtrack pieces.  I didn’t know that people actually owned CDs with “Chariots of Fire” encoded on their smooth silver surfaces.

Later, my boss passed my desk.

Him *visibly bopping his head*: Hey, Terry.
Me: Hello.  Happy Friday.
Him: It’s nice to be here when the place is empty.  You have privacy and can crank the tunes.
Me: Yeah, that you can do.  How late are you staying?
Him: Me?  Probably late, I love this stuff *points back at cubicle*

After a quarter hour of what sounded like Italian technotronica being blasted through a victrola I snapped and went to the lab to do legit work.  The price I pay for my mid-week holidays.