Fake Gift

My mother said she wanted a Kindle for Christmas and I chose to be the good son and give her mine which I’d hardly used.  I wanted the device to function out of the box (which I’m glad I kept), so I wiped my stuff from it, deactivated it, and contacted my mom to get her Amazon login.

Me: Mom.
Mom: Yes.
Me: Give me your Amazon login info.
Mom: Why?
Me: It’s a secret.
Mom: Ok (gives info)>
Me: Thanks.  You won’t regret it, probably. *hangs up*

I registered the Kindle to my mother’s account and then purchased for her a few Kindle editions of books she had mentioned she wanted to read.  I was going to win Christmas, until my mom called.

Me: Terry Robinson.
Mom: I just received a bunch of emails from Amazon saying I had bought books for something called a “Kindle” do you know what that’s about?
Me: Yeah, that was me. *Thinking quickly* They’re part of your Christmas gift, you should also be receiving an email shortly for a gift card in the amount of the cost of those books.
Mom: Oh, that’s so nice.

Since I had purchased the e-books from the Kindle that was then attached to my mom’s account they were billed to her account.  In effect, I had billed my mother for her own Christmas gift.  I hope the gift card covers that oversight.  Good job, Terry.