2011 In Passing

2011 as a year was kind to me.  I lost 95 lbs, that’s kind of cool. I spent a good amount of time with those close to me, somehow managing to visit Chicago or see Peter 7 times and visit Cincinnati or see Suzie 11 times.  Distance is for chumps.  I didn’t write about it much, but I had the first notable relationship of my adult life this year and it fit neatly within the calendar year starting with a trip to Cirque Du Soleil in January and ending with me holding my phone and a sweater vest in a Kohl’s shortly before Halloween.

I cried a lot this year, and this is my short list of when:

There are a few others but they are private, not in the sense that I wouldn’t share them but in the sense that I wouldn’t know how to.

I have some things I’d like to do in 2012 but “resolution” would be too strong a word.  I’d like to start reclaiming activities I couldn’t do as a larger person and ice skating fits into that.  Hang gliding, skydiving, and breaking into abandoned buildings all fit in that category and these I look forward to trying.  If I can finish the year around 210 lbs, I think I will be satisfied.