Tiny Hat Challenge

Suzie’s tiny hat had grown on me and I brought it into work to show people.  I did one of two things:

1) I’d walk into someone’s office with it on and see how long it took them to say something.
2) I’d leave it in the pocket of my lab coat and when talking to someone, slip it on when they turned away.

The second method seemed far more menacing as people would continue the conversation but sometimes glance at my head with the look that they were in a fugue state.  Was he always wearing the hat?  Is the hat really there?

I showed another two coworkers:
Coworker #1: You really like that tiny hat.
Me: Yes, it is a tiny hat.
Coworker #2: I say we put together a betting pool and see how much it’d cost to have Terry wear the tiny hat for a day.
Me: Look at how tiny it is!
Coworker #1: My guess, not much.