A Partnered Drive Home

Again I slept a good bit and rose for an early lunch.  I offered to drop off Ty and at his house had a back-and-forth with Amelia.  She is going to school for photography and mocked me for my usage of autofocus.  I stared at her stating “I use autofocus so I can do this”, and without lifting my gaze put my camera near the floor pointing away from me in the vague direction of Ty’s cat and got this shot:


A Cat and a Point

I’ll take it.

With Ty dropped off, Suzie, Brooke, and I said our goodbyes to Ryan, Peter, Audrey, and Amelia and we set about unwinding the journey.  Suzie and I talked for most of the ride to Cincinnati while Brooke slept and I was glad for this time.  With Suzie dropped off, Brooke and I made the 600 mile trip back to her place and she took over about 400 miles out from home.  She drove the rest of the way admirably but was a bit on edge as she neared home.  The way we drive changes in interesting ways when we’ve not slept and Brooke veered towards jackrabbit starts and sudden breaking.  She had beaten her previous record for continuous driving by a factor of four but I was glad to make it back to home.