Operation: Icicle

“Wintry mix” is the worst of weather phenomena when one is having a party outdoors.  Rain? Cancel.  Snow? Have.  Mix? Eh.  I was happy to find that wintry mix had resolved to snow which while keeping a number of people away made a delightful setting for those who did make Operation: Icicle.  I like the idea of a winter outdoor party as a campfire makes light and warmth mirroring the human kind of the guests as fist shaken at the depths of winter, a cry of “we shall not” to the season.


The First of Many

The primary fuel for the fire is left over Christmas trees.  Here’s two at once.


Two Trees at a Distance

14 people came out.  I think they enjoyed themselves.


A Bit More of Everyone

My personal highlight of the evening came very near the end.

Guest: What time is it, I’m starting to get cold.
Me: Quarter to 2.
Guest: Wow.

Thank you to those who braved the “wintry mix”.