Cousins Unite

My cousin’s wife decided to host a get together of the Robinson cousins and my brother, sister-in-law and I traveled to King of Prussia to meet everyone.  I’ve never much enjoyed family functions but this one went well.  Cousin is close enough that you can lean on family as a connector but it doesn’t become a straight jacket.  Before departing and after a good amount of drinking we took a group shot where most of the ladies wore funny hats.

Me: That’s interesting. I have a tiny hat in my car.
Cousin #1: That’s beautiful.  You should wear your tiny hat.
Cousin #2: Go get your tiny hat.
Brother: You’re not wearing a god damn tiny hat in a family photo.
Cousin #1: If he wants to wear a tiny hat he can wear a tiny hat.
Cousin #2: What’s your problem with your brother’s tiny hat?  It’s probably a lovely tiny hat.
Brother: Could everyone please stop saying tiny hat and someone take a picture?
Cousin #3: Everyone say… ‘tiny hat’ and smile.
Group: Tiny hat!
Brother: I hate all of you.

There are times when I love my family.