Dog Walking

My only prior experience with dog walking involved either watching a friend take a small dog out to poop or walking a larger dog that would drag its walker to their doom.  Mike has dogs, Mike doesn’t mind walking, so why not walk Mike’s dog with Mike?

His first dog seemed to find being walked somewhat novel.  The dog would go 10-15 feet at a reasonable pace and then stop for a second, drink in the sights and then move on again.  This averaged out to a little over 2 MPH which is… slow.  The dog did not enjoy walking along side roads being transited by actual cars so Mike and I returned to his place and replaced dog #1 with dog #2.  Dog telepathy kicked in and dog #2 simply sat defiantly in the yard.  Gandhi must have screwed up secretly in his last go around on the karmic wheel because he has been reincarnated in dog form as an exemplar of non-violent resistance.