My two priorities are getting a better job and improving my health.  As they are priorities, I’m actively working on them and they win when they get in fights with other tasks.  I go into work late and stay late if I have a late night running and social events lose to work functions that may allow me to advance myself.  Part of the “better job” priority has been catching up on actuarial math and preparing to re-take exam P/1.  My calculus muscles were very out of shape when I started and I cursed myself for not remember if it was the integral or derivative of f'(x)/f(x) which equaled the ln(f(x)) but after a bit the work grew on me.  I was again dealing with things where I was unambiguously wrong.  Data at work can be misinterpreted, interactions with people are indecisive but with sample test questions I had the opportunity to do something I had missed, being simply and irrefutably wrong.  In that I find freedom.