Benefits of Staying Late

I’ve been meaning to pick up consulting work as a way to cover some expense shortcomings and tonight I was invited to talk to the head of the Princeton Chapter of the American Society for Quality to talk about “web stuff”.  He was a nice person but overwhelmed by the demands of his organization and didn’t want to have to learn any new IT and asked if I could update their web site so he wouldn’t have to.  I asked him what they used and he said it was done on the back of some obscure architecture with a custom attachment set-up.  I grimmaced at having to learn something from scratch but agreed to look at it.

Turns out their “obscure architecture” is WordPress, “custom attachment set-up” refers to the three plugins they run, and best of all they even use the same template that I do.  I like that the ASQ Princeton Chapter and SuburbanAdventure have the same banner image one in five times.