Hang Time

I can do about 150 sit-ups in good form, I can do about 40 modified push-ups or 10 proper push-ups in good form.  I can do no pull-ups, yet.  I felt between my weight loss and my gains in upper body strength I should be getting close.  So, I went up to the attic, and attempted to do a pull-up.  Nope.  But I could hang, which I could do before but for not nearly as long.  Brachiation was now possible, meaning I could move forward by swinging with my hands.  This wasn’t the smooth motion of a kid on a set of monkey bars but more looked like someone recovering from a spinal injury.  I’ll get there.  I went to go back down to my bed room but before I did, I hung from the rafters a little bit more and smiled.  Those are the moments where I hope there are aliens spying on humanity just so I can confuse the shit out of them.