The Greatness of Under Armour

I am member, no, a high priest, of the cult of Under Amour underwear.  Under Armour won my single elimination Greatest Underwear 2007 tournament and I feel I can speak expertly on the O-line vs. the T-line of Under Armour underwear.  For the record, M (for mesh) -line 6″ boxer jock underwear is an undergarment worthy of being put into a time capsule or etched into a gold record to be launched into space.  The mesh in fine enough that you don’t feel the spaces but you get ridiculously fast drying.  You could shart in these and be bone dry after about 15 minutes,.  Mind you, you’d smell like poop, but you’d be dry.

Five of my friends have been lulled into the cult as acolytes and today I converted a sixth.  I started out with 3XL pairs and now wear XL but kept the 3XL ones for reasons I’m not quite sure of.  I sold them to this new member today at $10 a pair.  Please note, I sold used underwear.  This is something I could only do with Under Armour underwear.  The proof of the pudding is in the eating, but I believe he’l be happy when he receives them.