New Tool in the Box

Boss #2: Terry, will you show me how to do a plot on the big printer when you get a chance?
Me: Ok, or I could do it.
Boss #2: You could?
Me: Yeah, I do kind of sit in your area, have a computer provided by you, eat in your area, sometimes sleep in your area, and have a cost center for your area.
Boss #2: So you’re saying, I can give you things to do, and you will do them?
Me: I’ll bill you for it, but yes.
Boss #2: That’s wonderful.
Me: Just tell me what you need.

*20 minutes later*

Boss #2: Oh, Terry.
Me: Yes?
Boss #2: I have a… ahem, job for you to do.  *chuckle*
Me: What is it?
Boss #2: I need you to print something.  I’m too busy with other things to do it so I figure I’d have you do it.
Me: It does make sense that you’d give to me tasks that you can’t do that I can.
Boss #2: *winks at me, laughs*

I wish all bosses were so easy to please.