Dinner at Kabul

My house guest is new to the area and wanted to meet people.  Tonight we met up with two of my friends in Philadelphia at Kabul Restaurant for Afghan food.  Most central Asian food is nearly identical to me and all national dishes seem to consist of rice + meat + 3 non-green vegetables.  I tried palao which is rice + lamb + raisins, carrots, and pistachios.  This reminds me of the Uzbek food, palov which is totally different and consists of rice + beef + raisins, carrots, and (wait for it) onions.  I fully appreciate the idea of “work with what you got” and when your nation is arid and landlocked you’ve got slim pickings.  Should these nations every have a rise in GDP which will allow the national drink be something besides sand and tears, I hope we can send them  a Trader Joe’s.

The food was unremarkable and several dishes were returned barely touched to which the waiter said “we’re still going to charge you.”  I see the Russians were in such a hurry to depart Afghanistan in 1988 that they left their legendary sense of service.