Failed Fudge

Sometimes when making something I’ve made before I’ll be reckless.  Yesterday I attempted to make a standard chocolate fudge but either used bum chocolate or allowed it to seize and this resulted in a final fudge with the consistency of sand.  It was devoid of smoothness and had the consistency of Necco wafers and my coworkers none-the-less destroyed it.  Every horrible piece of its four pound bulk was gone by four PM with comments like “it fights back unlike regular fudge” and “it’s so rich you can barely cut it”.

I don’t know if my coworkers are desperate or just being nice but I hope there’s a day after I destroy a baked good that one will raise his or her head above the heard and point to me yelling “defiler of all that is right in the world of baking, repent for ye hath sinned!”  That person will identify the taint within my baking soul and I will go through a ritual involving taking sugar from every level between syrup and caramel and back again.  Thus cleansed, I will again pay attention to what I’m doing in the kitchen and such baking foulness will be behind me.