Every once in a while, I prepare a standard for work like a fudge, or a carrot cake, and for tomorrow I wanted to bring in a simple pound cake.  I prepped my standard double sizing of the recipe and popped it into the oven.  After 55 minutes, I pulled it out and found that only the left half had cooked completely.  I put it back in and after another five minutes pulled it out as the left half was starting to get a little over cooked and the right half wasn’t quite done.  I cut out the done portion, popped the rest back in the oven for another 10 minutes and about half of the half had finished cooking.  I cut this piece out again and was asymptotically approaching a properly cooked cake.  Not quite sure what to do, I cut the pound cake into cubes, mixed in a whipped topping, made a graham cracker crust to put under it and then topped it with strawberries.  I’d say it turned out well and have dubbed it FrankenCake.

I’m not sure why my oven wasn’t, well, obeying the laws of thermodynamics.  Later, I did a back-up batch of brownies that cooked evenly.  Maybe my oven feels unloved.