Cake Revealed

Coworker: Terry, was there something wrong with that cake?
Me: What do you mean by wrong?
Coworker: Was it what you had planned going into it?
Me: No, not by any means.  What made you think that?
Coworker: Well, the chocolate later over the graham cracker came out of nowhere and the cake bits were too square.  You usually don’t go for presentation so we though maybe you dropped it and made that instead.
Me: Nah, it just cooked oddly so I had to cut it up ahead of time and find something to do with it.
Coworker: And you probably just had some strawberries lying around?  They seemed pretty sweet and that’s a sign that they’re near the end of their life.
Me: That’s pretty astute.  Any thoughts?
Coworker: Ditch the dark chocolate, otherwise everyone in marketing likes what we’ve dubbed your MacGuyver cake.