Last Full Day

I’ve put about two hundred hours into studying over the last forty five days. I’ve been a bit of a hermit and I thank my friends for being understanding. On the math side, I can do certain calculations and leave out steps with the answer still being correct. This would be neater if not for the fact that I sometimes look at my notes and am unsure what steps I left out. I see regions of integration without knowing quite what my logic is but my answers seem to be correct. Yesterday I solved a multiple choice problem by repeatedly mis-solving the question and eliminating those answers leaving the right one. These are the milestones of competency that I should have been looking at before I threw myself into failure the previous two times I took the exam.

Today was my last day of solid studying before my exam and I did 110 sample problems, the equivalent of four exams worth. I consumed 85 pieces of scrap paper and ate only about 1200 calories in food. Fear as a weight loss plan.