Exam P – Victory

I had studied for about fourteen hours yesterday and attempts at sleep brought a pulse of around 120 and symptoms akin to food poisoning. After many fitful hours of sleep I woke up and tried to study more but about two hours out from the exam and 15 flash cards still unmastered I snapped. More knowledge was not going to make its way into my head so I did what any reasonable person would do and added goggly eyes and a wooden mustache to my giant microphone and took a picture of it. This is what insanity looks like.


I arrived a few minutes early to the exam center and began as soon as I was allowed to. The questions seemed to focus on topics about which I felt competent with the exception of one problem where I repeatedly got an answer that was off from the available answers by a factor 1,000,000. I only wholesale guessed on a single problem and felt hesitant about 2 more. 30 minutes were still on the clock when I hit the “submit” button and quickly a screen popped up indicating a tentative pass mark.

I was happy and nearly skipped back to where my car was parked, until I found out that my car wasn’t there. I called Mike to indicate I’d be late and that my car may have been stolen (or at least that was my dominant fear as my camera bag was in it). Mike said I should check that it hadn’t been towed and a quick call to the Philadelphia Parking Authority revealed that I had stayed in my spot 12 minutes too long and owed them $225. Next time I take Septa.