John Hewins Wedding

John Hewins was having a wedding reception today and asked me to take pictures so while the rest of the gang went to Philadelphia I went there.

The reception went splendidly and was a parade of people I hadn’t seen since high school, their toddlers, and the couple’s families.

John had intended to make it to my party but couldn’t so instead gave me about 40 lbs of left overs.


I nearly missed the start of my own party and my guests ably amused themselves. The evening was hot and I was asked to turn up the air conditioning, I replied I had none but we were able to jury-rig my portable unit to fit in the pool room. As the night progressed, a room would get hot and loud and a small group would break off and move to another room. The herd would detect this shift and everyone else would follow.

Things wound down around 2am and I would like to thank Daniel for being so able at cleaning. There are benefits to having 1/2 of your friends be Eagle Scouts.