Philly Walkabout

The house rose slowly and our plans for an early visit to Philly withered. Suzie broke off to attend to some business and the rest of us took a walk around the Art Museum before reuniting. In the interim, Brad and I had talked about driving the van.

Me: How’d you like driving the van?
Brad: It was much easier than I thought it would be.
Me: Yeah, she can dance.
Brad: Slow but graceful.

We searched for a place for dinner and after a few misses dropped off those that had to return directly to Cinci so they could make their connection in New York City. Paul, Suzie, Daniel, and I found Chipotle as the only open restaurant on Memorial Day Monday and ruminated on the week before dropping Suzie off.

Paul, Daniel, and I returned to my house and Paul lingered a bit before departing leaving just Daniel and myself. We returned the van and met up with some friends to chat for the evening.