Weekend Past

Fats Waller, the gifted Jazz pianist, would shout something when his playing was particularly brilliant. This line “somebody shoot me while I’m happy” has always struck me as a grim sentiment but the idea of ending on a high note is compelling. The last streak of days, while not a capstone, I hope is symptomatic of the life I’m attempting to lead. I do not have direct access to happiness but I can cultivate an environment where it is easier to muster. I thought having eight people stay over would be hard but it allowed me to function at a very efficient scale where I can make double batches of everything and everyone has enough to eat. Also, with that many people, the participants kind of entertain each other.

Should I not have any other social get togethers for the next year I’ll feel I’ve still served well as a host and entertainer and allowed people to make joy. Should I find that I can do so biannually, I will be content. Should I find I can do so semiannually, I will be blessed.