Kite Time

Daniel and I had a few hours to kill before he needed to catch a train back to Philly for his flight back to Huntsville and he and I walked around Tyler in a different loop than Cody and I had. Daniel has had a side project of getting the Arkansas state constitution which is apparently quite long and byzantine and he told me of the months he’d spent trying to get a copy. After about six miles, we had worked up a glow and we got a sandwich before making it to the train station.

Kacey had invited me to her family’s shore house and I hopped in my car with my kite and I headed to Sea Isle City. For two hours my kite and I stroke across sand and sky and I wrote joy above people’s heads. The wind was strong and I was able to get my kite to do complete loops for the first time in my life.

Mike, Kacey, Steph, Zack, and I went out to an unremarkable dinner at a restaurant which Yelp! had foretold would serve us but sadness. Mike was a Cassandra warning us of our doom and we did not listen. What most people forget is that Cassandra was cursed to predict doom and no one would believe her, the true curse was that she was always right.

Traffic home was slow and I slept very well.