Ketosis Notes, Part 1

I was happy that I had access to a treadmill and about three miles into a run I had a funny taste in my mouth like I was sucking on a penny. My urine smelled like dinosaur sweat and my body odor had changed character. I had entered ketosis and had the discolored ketosis reagent test strip to prove it. The test strips were nice as a way of saying “yes, you’re doing this correctly” and I’m glad we had gotten them.

So what does ketosis feel like? These were my initial impressions:

  • The first day I tried it, I felt a distinct weakness for about an hour. This was my blood sugar passing below some level but I didn’t experience that weakness again.
  • My water consumption more than doubled as my kidneys needed a lot of help to flush out ketones.
  • My urine seemed to have a fine film to it link of like the sheen of a puddle with a drop of oil in it.
  • My weight hadn’t changed. Nor did I expect it to considering this was only day three of the diet.