Keto Donut

I tried to make a keto-friendly angel food cake today, figuring that I could substitute the white flour and sugar with almond flour and Splenda, respectively.  The recipe called for the relatively low-carb cocoa powder and I set to getting the foam to rise.  Using just my arm, that took quite a bit of time and my forearms were screaming after a few minutes.  I worked the foam to soft peaks, a bit below what I should have and folded in the appropriate ingredients.  I popped the pan in the oven and 35 minutes later was met with a eggy, chocolatey, failed keto donut.

The result had the density of an omelet and the fluffiness of a devil’s food cake.  The bottom was a gelatinous cloud of sweet eggs and after learning that Splenda wasn’t zero carb, I learned it had eight grams of net carbs per slice, 40% of your daily allowance.

My host loved it.