Package Prognostication

I purchased a set of weights off of and had them delivered to one of their physical locations.  I went to the customer service area to pick up the weights and the attendant went into the stock room.  After a few moments, followed by a grunt, the attendant returned straining under the weight of the 50 lbs of weight discs I had purchased.  She lifted package onto the counter:

Her: What’s in here?  Iron?
Me: Yes, 50 lbs of it.  Thank you.

Other Vignettes Today:

I made two low-carb pound cakes today, one with hazelnut flour and one with almond flour.  After baking both I noted that the almond flour one wasn’t browning but realized why after a bit: Because hazelnut flour is browner.

My barber asked me if storing antimatter was possible.  I said yes, that it’s done in a charged donut.  He said that wasn’t possible because he was told it couldn’t be done by a very smart electrical engineer.