Infinite Interviews

I returned home a little after 2am and set my alarm for 7am to make a 9am set of interviews with a firm in Philadelphia. I was interviewing for a reinsurance position, a branch of actuarial work I very much enjoy. The first four interviews were straight forward and I only made one or two small mistakes. After that, I was asked to speak with the hiring manager who had stopped in and then went to lunch with two more members of the department. Upon returning, I met with another actuary and then two more and in total met 10 of the 11 people in the department. I am happy that I was able to talk to almost literally everyone but this comes at a cost. I now have 10 thank you letters to write. Ugh.

The ride back to Trevose station featured another first. I sat in a three across bench seat on the West Trenton line and all three people in my row had space between them.