Diabetes Open

I wound up leaving Randy’s at around 7am, getting home at 8am, and waking up at 2pm. This isn’t the weirdest schedule I’ve slipped into but it was a bit stranger than I wanted. I spent the afternoon and evening walking on my treadmill and catching up on miscellaneous things until I got bored around 9pm.

I still had a lot of cakes and wanted social engagement so I called Stomping Grounds Games and offered to trade them cakes for the right to steal an arbitrary number of sodas and waters from them when I visited. They accepted by terms and the 10 or so people at the store ate their fill of my baked bounty. Someone recommended I sell what I made, a suggestion at which I scoffed, but I thought about it and thought it’d be fair to offer a cake as a prize for a Magic tournament and shortly thereafter the Stomping Grounds Diabetes Open was born. Right now the top prize is a peanut butter brownie mousse pie and top 8 gets creme brûlée. I’m curious to see how it develops.