Cornering A Market

Kyle Anderson and I caught a nice brunch at a greasy spoon diner in Trevose and caught up. He will be working as a teacher at Mercer County Community College for the next year before starting his PhD program and we both enjoy music and particle physics. He’s a contemporary of mine and I feel we’re within a standard deviation of one another in terms of having a life plan. I respect him and I think he me and if I had to guess we both enjoy that company as we feel out our respective futures.

Late that evening, Suzie and I visited Mike and Kacey at Kacey’s aunt’s and besides booze and chat there wasn’t much to do. I brought up playing Jungle Speed and found a target nearby that had it in limited stock that was still open. We drove there, they had none, and I called the next closest Target to see if they had it. They did and were the only store in the state with any in stock. 30 minutes of 202 and I-95 later we were at the Christiana Mall and I found myself face-to-face with the last six copies of Jungle Speed in the state of Delaware. They were on discount for $9.99 and Delaware is sales tax free so I did the reasonable thing and purchased all of them.