Day of Remainders

Today was a task day where I had 12 things to do where I’d be happy if I finished six and wound up finishing four which is more than the three I had set as the “minimum to finish before sleep”. Life’s sometimes about managing expectations.

I baked nut-less banana nut muffins and edited enough photos that I’d only be slightly over a month behind. My dry-cleaning went undeposited, the floor was unvacuumed, and, to my probably future disgust, the kitty litter went unchanged. When the last happens, my free-thinking cat shits outside the box in a show of septic defiance.

While running on my treadmill I realized that I had completely missed the Webelos Weekend. I had no intention on running or providing program, but four the past four years that event had been my first weekend in October and now it had been covered in a pile of tasks including such quests as arranging a washing machine repair and buying new pants. Someone else spent a weekend showing children the joys of science and while I was glad it happened, I was saddened that it was not me.

We choose.