First Woah

The banana muffins were well received and I received three inquiries regarding whether it was me or my wife that had made them.

There is a large gap between the programming abilities of my coworkers between those who are Excel, VBA, or r ninjas and those that kind of plod their way through. I’m somewhere between the two and was very glad that, instead of defining a custom function in Excel, I was able to come up with a way of calculating weighted averages in cases where the weights weren’t always present. At my previous employer, I would have yelled “ACTION DINOSAUR WITH HAT” or “hot cha!” but I was new here and didn’t want to look odd.

The following happened over IM:
Me: Does anyone in the office every yell “woooh”?
Coworker: No, but do you want to be that person?
Me: Can I?
Coworker: Proceed.
*I yell “woooh”*
Coworker: Nicely done.