Rehearsal Wedding

Sam Lodise and Erin Healy are getting married tomorrow and I have the honor of being their wedding photographer. Today was their rehearsal luncheon at the Kimberton Inn in Phoenixville. The proprietor was a fellow by the name of Jeff who exuded polish, the Bruce Lee of event management. We received a tour of the facility and did a walkthrough of the ceremony. The run-through ran 20 minutes. Weddings are short.

We retired to Valerie and Teejay Green’s house and caught up while staring wide-eyed at equally wide-eyed children. I can see why I don’t always get replies to the texts I send them. I took pictures and slipped out the back after saying I was leaving. Erin stopped me on the stoop to give her thanks and to ask if everything was ok.

This was my response: You will get married tomorrow and I am very happy for you. You and I didn’t start off on the best of terms but now we’re good. I have rooted for your happiness and you have rooted for mine. But tomorrow you will share more in terms of life circumstances with Sam’s mother than me and that’s a switch I’m keenly aware of. I’m better than ok, in fact, I’m doing damn well.