Sam and Erin’s Wedding

My assistant and I left for Erin Healy and Sam Lodise’s wedding at 11:45 and we made it to the Kimberton Inn by 1 PM. Suzie was tasked with taking pictures of the ladies, bearers, and babies as they dressed. I took pictures of the venue and the men as they paced about and talked with a jittery calm.

The rings became a bit of a football being passed from person to person until it paired up with the ring bearer a few minutes before the ceremony. The ceremony itself was short and simple. Erin and Sam had written their own vows and Jeremiah worked out well as the officiant.

Posing the group shots was harrowing but was soon enough finished and we moved on to the cocktail hour and the wedding reception.

I took 84 gigs of pictures today, some 1500 or one about every fifteen seconds. This doesn’t count the pictures Suzie took. The tendons on the back of my hand are killing me as lifting a camera + flash arm + flash seems to be the most effective way of destroying them. The day was hard but satisfying. I may have been a volunteer but the next time I charge double.